Design Services


Programming, Design & Development

While each project is different, they all start the same way… With a program. When you first contact GEA Architects, we will set up a time to discuss your project and ideas. This is where you will tell us all of your wants, needs, budget, and physical constraints. Once we understand what you would like to accomplish, it is our job to lead you there. We will take your outline and develop a design that efficiently and effectively interprets your ideas. With subsequent meetings and interactions, we will finalize your design, addressing any changes or concerns along the way, and discuss construction costs and preliminary budget.

Construction Documents

After your design is finalized, we will continue on to the next phase of service which is the preparation of Construction Documents (or “blueprints”). This is where we, along with any consulting engineers, assemble all the documents necessary to receive a permit for your project. During this stage, we will work with you to finalize any outstanding details. These may include trim packages, electrical and lighting layouts, furniture layouts, and data requirements (i.e. phone, network and media).

Additionally, this is the time when you, the client, starts focusing on contractor vetting and selection, final budgeting, and timelines. GEA Architects can provide assistance with these items, which is discussed more under Additional Services.

Construction Management & Site Supervision

GEA Architects Construction Management (CM) services are separate from the traditional “drawing” services. While not mandatory, we strongly urge all of our clients to engage GEA Architects in CM. These services will begin shortly before the completion of Construction Documents and will last until the completion of construction and final inspections. Throughout this period, GEA Architects will advocate on your behalf to ensure your best interests are kept at the forefront and that your project is completed on time and on budget.

While each project will require different levels of involvement, CM services generally include the following: Assistance in vetting and selecting a General Contractor, qualifying bids for General and Sub-Contractors and assistance in finalizing timelines and project budgets. Additionally, we will review and approve shop drawings, change orders, equipment, material and product selections, and work progress and contractor payouts. Finally, we can facilitate the coordination of finishing items such as trim packages, electrical and lighting layouts, low-voltage layouts (i.e. telephone, networking, media, etc.), furniture layouts and more.

Site Supervision is also included at regularly scheduled intervals, which is determined by project size, duration and complexity. This gives us an opportunity to consistently monitor the progress, means and methods of your project to ensure the work is being performed in a professional manner and on time.

Additional Services

GEA Architects provides a variety of additional services for our clients. If your specific need does fall into one of the categories above, please contact us to discuss how we can help. We have assisted our clients with land acquisitions and site studies to determine if a particular piece of land or tenant space is a viable option for their needs. We have advocated for our clients at zoning meetings and hearings to gain approval for projects before larger investments are made. We have also prepared beautiful color renderings of site and building concepts for proposals and marketing brochures. No matter what you need, let us know how we can put our knowledge and expertise to work for you!

Consultants and Referrals

GEA Architects has a professional relationship with a large network of consulting engineers, specialists and contractors. You can be confident that when we engage a consultant on your behalf or refer you to another industry professional, that you will be dealing with only the most professional and competitive firms in the business.